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Real Boxing classes. Suitable for all levels, beginners, fitness enthusiasts, fighters, aspiring fighters & professionals welcome! Whether your goals are to get fit, lose weight, learn self defence or compete in the ring you’ll find our Boxing classes highly beneficial. Sessions are led by our high level coaching team. Learn proper form whilst working hard & having fun. Highly effective for weight loss & conditioning. Sessions can involve skipping, bodyweight exercises, technique, shadow Boxing, flexibility/mobility work, punch/defence drills, bag work, pad work, interval training, circuits & sparring (optional)


About our Boxing Team

Boxing has often gained the reputation of being a “hard man” sport and can have intimidating connotations. At Glasgow Fitness, as with every sport here, we do our best to take away the misconception of Boxing. Our classes are very mixed in clientele, from professional boxers to senior men and women. These are our most popular classes and bring a friendly, welcoming group of people. As you can see, Boxing classes are available everyday and will provide a great workout for all who attend. Our coaches have a wealth of experience and have helped the Boxing team gain a feared reputation in the fight game. They deliver both technical and fast paced workouts which ensure fitness levels & technical abilities of participants are maximized in a short period of time. If you want results, be it fitness or punching prowess then our Boxing classes are a must try!

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