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Step 1 Fitness

Every journey starts with the first step and I hope that your fitness and wellbeing journey will start with Step 1.

With 10 years experience I have been fortunate enough to have worked internationally with a vast array of clientele from first-time gym goers to World Champion athletes, working closely with them to realise their full potential.

There is no magic “one size fits all” programme (like some online posts and trainers may lead you to believe) that is why each and every single Step 1 Fitness client has a programme tailored speciafically to their individual goals and needs.

So no matter what your requirements, Step 1 Fitness can help you achieve it.

For further information or to have an informal chat on how I can help contact:

Kevin Maguire
Certified Trainer & Nutritionist
BTN: Nutritionist

Tel:     07768 222083

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