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Junior Classes

Junior Boxing

Junior Boxing Is for ages 8-14.....

A safe environment for kids/teenagers to learn Boxing skills, develop fitness & to learn good exercise habits. Classes can consist of skipping, bodyweight exercises, stretching, stamina work, movement drills, skill work, pads & bag work. Sparring is optional.

Junior Muay Thai

Ages 10 -14. Kids/Teenagers will learn effective Muay Thai technique; develop skills, flexibility & fitness. Classes can consist of bodyweight exercises, stretching, stamina work, technique work & pad work. Sparring is optional


Ages 8 onwards. Kids/Teenagers/Young Adults will learn Taekwondo punching/kicking skills, work on flexibility, fitness & patterns. Taekwondo has a great capacity for progression for kids via the ITF Granding/Belt system. Sparring is optional.

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