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Kid's Classes

All Kids Classes Are For Ages 5-10

Kids Kombat

Kids will learn discipline, self-defence, how to exercise properly, and have fun while doing it! 

Kids Kombat gives kids aged 5-10 the ability to exercise, start building new skills to let them choose the what they enjoy and which area to progress in moving forward. 

Every training session is different helping your youngsters stay interested. It’s a mix of Tae-Kwon do, boxing & Muay Thai


Whether you're a real newbie or a seasoned black belt, our classes serve everyone. Our lessons are a perfect balance of traditional and modern, which means you get the best of both worlds in your quest to learn this art form.

Our beginners classes concentrate on the fundamentals of exercise and teach basic taekwondo! Kicking, blocking and striking techniques through games. Children receive grading so they can learn and understand what they need to complete to progress through grades.

Image by Uriel Soberanes
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